Successful organizations are created with a clear purpose in mind, and Kohlhepp Investment Advisors, Ltd. lives its purpose every day. As an independent registered investment advisor, our singular focus is to help our clients create a financial plan that meets their goals and fulfills their life's desires. We care about people, not just their investments.

Our firm is family-owned and operated, and as a fiduciary, we hold a position of special trust and confidence with our clients. This means that we have undivided loyalty to the best interests of our clients, and we will not be influenced to recommend a particular investment or financial product. This is a standard that we take very seriously and to which we are proud to be held. It is important for us to maintain authentic relationships with our clients in order to provide the customized attention that each deserves.

That is the purpose that Ed Kohlhepp Sr. had in mind when he founded this firm in 1998. He wanted to build long-standing relationships with his clients that enabled him to offer unbiased advice based not on sales quotes or commissions but on his clients' individualized goals.

Today, Ed Kohlhepp, Jr., working side by side with his father, offers the same expert financial advice and personal connection as he guides clients through what has become an even more complex financial landscape. Ed knows that his clients have differing financial goals, from paying for college or preparing for a secure retirement to protecting against financial downturns and marking life's celebrations. Ed works with them to ensure that their financial goals are in sync with their life goals and their values, and then helps them create a plan to meet each goal, understanding that life, and plans, change along the way.