Risk & Opportunities in a Volatile Market - November 4, 2015

Kohlhepp Investment Advisors welcomed guest speaker John Buchanan from Savos Investments of AssetMark. Mr. Buchanan discussed the state of the economy and markets with attendees. Topics covered included interest rates, macroeconomic risks, alternatives, and diversifying portfolios.

Housing and Aging - May 6, 2015

Johns Hopkins University studies on housing options and the financial implications were presented by Marc Kirby from Legg Mason. Topics covered included how to assess your own housing needs and when you start planning, as well as home safety checklists, differences between Independent Living, Continuing Care, Assisted Living, and Skill Nursing Facilities. Learn more:

Cybersecurity Seminar - November 11, 2014

Ed Kohlhepp, Jr., presented some of the major cyber threats that we face on a daily basis. The presentation included how to identify data breaches, computer hacks, phishing, and ways to protect yourself and your family, as well as a scorecard to test your own knowledge and preparedness!

Learn more:

Healthcare Seminar - February 26, 2013

Guest speaker Carlo Cordasco from Nationwide Financial presented on how healthcare will likely be the biggest retirement expense for most retirees. The presentation included an in depth explanation of Medicare and the costs you need to plan for in retirement. Learn more:

The Economist - November 8, 2012

Chief Economist Jeffrey J Roach, Ph.D. from Horizon Investments, LLC discussed topics of the time including the Fiscal Cliff, the Eurozone, elections, US debt crisis, Fed policy, and more.

Identity Theft Seminar - May 11, 2011

This special presentation was made by Special Agent Douglas Ritter of the Secret Service on everything you need to know to protect yourself against identity theft. Topics discussed included Credit Reports, PIN numbers, what is safe to send via email, social networking, credit monitoring, and personal computer safety. Click here to learn more about protecting yourself from identity theft.

Financial Crisis One Year Later - November 12, 2009

Ed Kohlhepp, Jr., and Ed Kohlhepp, Sr., reviewed the market events of the year following the 2008 financial crisis. The discussion included the emotional rollercoaster for investors over the past year as well as economic headwinds and tailwinds that would guide the investment approaches going forward.

Financial Crisis of 2008 - November 20, 2008

Ed Kohlhepp, Jr., and Ed Kohlhepp, Sr., discussed the problems in the economy that lead up to the financial crisis and who was to blame. They discussed the financial rescue bailouts and past recessions and bear markets and what this all means for you, the investor.

Estate Planning Seminar - July 11, 2006

Kohlhepp Investment Advisors welcomed guest speaker Anthony L. Loscalzo, Esq. Mr. Loscalzo covered several estate planning topics such as wills, proper beneficiary designations on life insurance and IRAs, estate and inheritance taxes, and Social Security after death.